In today’s hustles and bustles of life, internet users don’t have time to wait for your website to load slowly. Not just the users, even the top search engines like Google, give higher weightage to websites with a fast response time. If you lack on site speed, then it’s time to speed up your website with these quick below tips:

#1 Compress Your Images

If you have an image-heavy website, such as an eCommerce store, your first course of action must compress all the images.

Many FREE and paid tools let people with no graphic designing knowledge reduce the size of the image, without losing its visual quality.

#2 Minify JavaScript, HTML & CSS

One of the most effective ways to dramatically lower the time taken by your website to load is by optimizing your website code. Make sure the code at the backend is simple & clean, and get rid of all comments, formation, and not-in-use code.

#3 Allow Browsing Caching

By enabling browser caching for your website, you ensure that when a visitor revisits your website, he/she doesn’t have to go through the long process of the server request; instead, the website is loaded from the information stored in their browser.

#4 Use Content Delivery Network

CDN or content delivery network involves several servers that take the burden of distributing loads of content to your users. Copies of your website are stored at more than one geographic location so that your Internet users can access it faster and with greater reliability. Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular CDNs.

#5 A Reliable Host

Not all web hosts are made equal; some are considerably better than others. Selecting the right host is of paramount importance in your pursuit of reducing the time taken by your website to load.

The server response time varies from one host to another. A good host has 0.70-0.80 server response time, while this is double for other hosts. A slow server won’t let you enter into the category of fast-loading sites, no matter how many worth website optimization techniques you’ve implemented.

You can always seek a qualified web developer’s guide to help you decide on the right web host based on your requirements.

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