App Development Services

Chord Digital services is one of the most popular android app development company in pune, we provide android and ios app development services.

As we all know that smartphones are one of the most widely used devices of the current time! Well, without a mobile application, your business is behind the curve.

By designing, developing, delivering, and maintaining for both platforms, including Android, Apple mobile applications, Chord digital services provides one of the best mobile app development services in Pune and has the most effective and smarter solution. By developing a highly functional, engaging app, we help customers to grow their business by having their app!

Our apps are designed and developed by a team of highly experienced iOS and android developers who have a vast knowledge of designing and developing an iOS/Android app. After the designing, our apps are going through a rigorous compatibility test to ensure it will stand out for you or not in the market.

Having an app starts your business 24/7, allowing customers to engage with you at any point they need. Or, a relevant and user-friendly app is your business's best foot forward in today's marketplace.

Advantages of an App

A Branding Tool

Well, what is the better way to build your brand's quality presence in the online market by having your app on smartphones! So, that is arguably the most critical space for a business nowadays. And having your app on smartphone screens helps your business be accessible and advantageous.

Resolve Pain Points

Mainly, if you need to build an app since every other person has one, it will fail. Because, what your customers requirements, or their problem and how you intend to address it, matters a lot! With your information or needs, we design their pain points and make that the focal point of the business app.

Market Research

Our experts will take a look at your target market. They'll make sense of what an application for your business can provide, or what customers need; your use can address that your competitors at present don't. That implies inspecting your competitors’ apps and seeing what works, what doesn't. We have to make sense of what your customers need.

Our Approach

When we make sense of what your customers need, and how your mobile application will address it. We'll design a diagram that figures out what should be structured and developed. It will be our reference point, and it will outline your application's value.

Designing your app

Our app developers create the best app to give your app a perfect look by using your requirements.

Testing your app

Our next step is to check the app to ensure the ideal ease of use. That implies providing our mockup is covering any bugs that may cause issues.


Then, our developers start building your app. And they will ensure your app is on-brand as per your requirements.

Additional testing

When constructed, we will test each part of your app while taking care of your customer's concerns? We resolve all kinks and ensure your application prepared for a delicate rollout.